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  • Communion: Do I Love Enough to Stay?

    When I take daily communion these days it’s usually for a severe physical need. Seems like I always have something going on. Physical, emotional, spiritual. And I always wonder if God will come through THIS time. Then I remember that He always has. I remember that so many of my prayer requests are no more.…

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  • More Thoughts on Communion

    A few weeks ago, in response to my post on communion, a reader asked for more info on taking personal, daily communion. I recognize this is a practice not accepted by all streams of Christianity. Some believe that communion, or the Eucharist, can only be administered by an ordained member of the clergy. Early Church…

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  • Some New (To Me) Thoughts on Communion

    Do you ever feel that communion has become, well, routine? Boring? Just something to do once a month? And now, with so many churches closed, perhaps less than once a month? Since the world shut down in March, I’ve made a point of taking communion almost every day. Yes, I’m building a new habit, so…

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