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Kingdom Now:
Pursuing Unity in the Body of Christ to Change the World

Are you troubled by the fear, lawlessness, and chaos in the world?

      Are you experiencing apathy, friction, or disunity in your church?

             Do you yearn for action-oriented faith rather than “doing church” as usual?

Good News! There’s Hope!

Jesus demonstrated the Kingdom of God in all He did but left the responsibility for healing the world to His church, the unified body of Christ. The perfect model for that unity is His relationship with His Father: “I in them and You in me” (John 17:23). He then promised the world will know the Father’s love through our unity with one another. 

But How Do We Reach That Lofty Goal? 

Kingdom Now: Pursuing Unity in the Body of Christ to Change the World is a 13-week inductive bible study on ten “one another” passages in the New Testament, focusing on personal and corporate application. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, making it perfect for a committed group. It’s deep enough for a theologian, yet simple enough for a new believer. This study will challenge you and your small group to

  • Forge unity within your church. 
  • Go deep and then even deeper with one another.
  • Expand the Kingdom of God in your corner of the world.
  • Be the church. The one Jesus charged with changing the world.


Kingdom Now (Print) English



Kingdom Now (Print) Chinese


Let’s Take Another Look at Halloween

Are you confused about Halloween?
You’re not alone.

Some insist Halloween is a harmless children’s holiday. Others have heard it’s a pagan holiday and feel uneasy celebrating it. But most don’t know enough to be sure.

Let’s Take Another Look at Halloween provides truths about Halloween every Christian should know. Understanding the origins of Halloween will open your eyes to what you are actually celebrating. Seeing how these celebrations relate to Scripture will help you decide what to do about Halloween and give you tools to share with others. Realizing how Halloween impacts many in our churches will motivate you to consider alternatives.

As you read Let’s Take Another Look at Halloween, you will…

• Discover the pagan origins of the holiday
• Arm yourself with the truth of Scripture
• Understand how Halloween is harmful to millions of people.
• Gain insight on how to talk to your children about Halloween
• Consider alternatives to current Halloween celebrations


Let’s Take a Look at Halloween (Print)


Critique Groups That Work: A Handbook for Starting, Leading & Participating in a Christian Writers Critique Group

Write! Critique! Publish!

Best-selling authors and faculty at writers’ conferences regularly recommend critique groups for both beginners and professionals. A good critique group will:

–Improve your writing skills
-Increase your focus and productivity
–Accelerate your path to publication 

Critique Groups That Work is the fast track to ignite and sustain your momentum. In clear, step-by-step tips, you’ll learn:

–Benefits and types of critique groups
–Strategies for starting or joining a group
–Ground rules that insure your group’s success
–Guidelines to deal with conflict in your group
–Specific tips for critiquing and receiving critiques
–Grammar goodies and key editing tips

If you’re serious about publication, a critique group is non-negotiable. What are you waiting for?

Critique Groups That Work: A Handbook for Starting, Leading, & Participating in a Christian Writers Critique Group


Critique Groups That Work (Print)


Why Didn’t You Warn Me? How to Deal with Challenging Group Members by Pat J. Sikora

What problems do you face in your small group? Is Griselda gossiping? Is Quentin too quiet? Is Rhonda always chasing rabbits? Is Charlie too argumentative? Is Mona always talking?

Leading a small group can be both exciting and rewarding. But sometimes, it can also be frustrating. What do you do when one or two group members create problems you don’t know how to handle?

• Do you know how to gently teach members new group skills?
• Do you know how to change a member’s behavior without being overbearing?
• Must you sacrifice your group for the sake of one needy person?

Why Didn’t You Warn Me? addresses 18 common problems that well-meaning people create in small groups and it gives you step-by-step suggestions for dealing with them with grace and sensitivity.


Why Didn’t You Warn Me? (Print)

Original watercolors by Pat Sikora

Each bookmark is 6×2”, printed front and back, and laminated with a soft matte finish. They make lovely gifts.