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Spiritual Growth

Building the Kingdom Through Solid Theology and Proven Strategies

The roots may be the most important part of the oak tree. If the roots are strong and healthy, the tree prospers; if they are weak, damaged, or diseased, the tree will quickly die. A mighty oak needs both shallow and deep roots to thrive. The shallow surface roots remind us of the Word read daily and applied liberally to life. A broad knowledge of Scripture is essential for healthy growth as a Christian. The taproots remind us of the Word of God, studied deeply and applied to specific needs or issues. God’s Word strengthens us to bear the winds of adversity.

If we hope to be effective, our biblical roots must be as substantial as our ministry. This requires more than the quick sprinkling of the Sunday sermon. To become strong, we need to soak in God’s Word every day. We also need to be nourished by the water of the Holy Spirit, especially in times of drought. The Word of God, saturated by the water of the Spirit, anchors, strengthens, and feeds the Christian.

Our goal is to provide Christians with resources to study and apply the Word of God, equipping each person to do the work of the ministry.

for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ,… (Ephesians 4:11)

Resources for Spiritual Growth


The Rest of the Story
Sermon at International Bible Church, Stafford, TX December 19, 2021
Was the first Christmas as pristine as the cards we send and songs we sing? Here’s the Rest of the Story.

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Forgiveness Heals

Guilt and Shame

Guilt or Shame? What’s the Difference?


Kingdom Now: Pursuing Unity in the Body of Christ to Change the World
Video Discussions of Each Chapter With Pat Sikora and Alyce-Kay Ruckelshaus:

These discussions will give you additional insights into each chapter and model how to conduct a discussion, including a few disagreements.

Book Reviews

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Ephesians, John’s Letters | Big Greek Idea | Ephesians and John’s Letters

Genesis | The Manifold Beauty of Genesis One: A Multi-Layered Approach – Gregg Davidson and Kenneth J. Turner

Parables | The Parables: Jesus’ Friendly, Subversive Speech – Douglas D. Webster

Revelation | Revelation Through Old Testament Eyes – Tremper Longman III

Women of the Bible | The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible – Mary deMuth