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Healing & Personal Growth

Building the Kingdom Through Healing Spirit, Soul, and Body

Scripture often uses leaves as a symbol for healing, and I’ve found that even looking at the lushness of the oak tree has a restorative effect on me. Through every season, the tree is always green as new leaves continually replace the old. There is never a season of barrenness. Just as there is never a time when the oak is without its leaves, so there should never be a time when healing is not the norm for the Christian. As the ground waters feed the mighty oak, so streams of the Living Water feed the Christian.

Mighty Oak Ministries believes that healing of spirit, soul, and body are the birthright of the Christian. While healing can sometimes be miraculously instantaneous, it is more often a progressive sanctification that requires us to make difficult choices. This is particularly true of the soul, where the mind, will, and emotions have been wounded by the bad things that happen in life, or even by the lack of good things.

We focus on the renewing of the mind, taking every thought captive for the tearing down of strongholds as we progressively grow into mighty oaks of righteousness, a planting for the display of the Lord’s splendor

They will be called (mighty) oaks of righteousness,
a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.
(Isaiah 61:3)

Resources for Healing


Taking communion on a regular basis, even daily, can result in great healing over time.

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