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Ordinary Woman


    How do you hear God? For much of my Christian life, I felt defective because people would ask what I heard God saying in response to a problem or a prayer need. I didn’t “hear” anything, so assumed God didn’t love me. After all, He wasn’t “talking” to me. Imagine my relief when I finally…

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    Whenever I see a caged hamster frantically racing around in his wheel, but going nowhere, I think I know how he feels. Maybe you do too—wondering what all the busy activities and tight schedules accomplish, fearing that one day you’ll look back on your life and not see much meaning to all the motion.    I…

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  • Devastation!

    Snow in Texas? Indeed! As many of you know, Texas experienced a highly unusual and devastating snow/ice/rain storm in February. And as many of you also know, we moved to Texas a couple of years ago. So yes, we experienced about five days of utter devastation. We were without water for five days and without…

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  • Joy in the Midst of Disruption

    Disruption! How we hate it! And yet, doesn’t that seem to be the stuff of the Christian life? I don’t know about you, but I honestly don’t know many Christians who actually have the cushy, comfy life they long for. And if they do, it doesn’t last forever. I’ve done a lot of counseling and…

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  • How To Guarantee 2021 Will Be Your Best Year Yet

    For the past several months social media has been filled with bad-mouthing 2020. It seems that everyone was glad to see it go, and almost everyone was sure that 2021 was going to be different. That somehow, turning the page of the calendar would make all things new. And bright. And shiny. And perfect. I’m…

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